Saturday, September 29, 2007

Reading Games - A New Inferface

Over the years my reading games site has grown to be rather large but I must admit I have concentrated on creating content rather than spending a little time on navigation.

I've added a search function - links to all other sections of the website - the ability to buy me a beer or 17 for a job well done - shortcuts to tag the site on social bookmarking sites - links to my blog - My Amazon Wishlist (a big thankyou to the person who is sending me David Warlick's book on Classroom Blogging) - the ability to join my newsletter group - and the 'tell a friend' applet.

Over the next week I plan to work on a 'Comprehension Strategy' section to the site and a 'Recommended Books' section. I believe that phonics is only one part of a very good reading program so I'm looking at expanding the site in that direction.



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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Keeping It is Perspective

In the last 7 days the site has had 52,653 page views. Given these numbers I sometimes have to be reminded myself that each of the resources downloaded has its own story.

Here are two such stories that came through today.


Your site is incredible.I'm a teacher of English as wel as a mother of
2 kids. Your site will be very useful to me. I found your site today I
loved it from the very moment I entered it.The most important thing is
it's free. Actually I can't afford to spend on resources as I'm not
that rich and don't have a credit card.I thank you very much and I hope
that you would continue your good work. May God Bless you.

& also from Sri Lanka

Dear Adrian,
I'm a teacher of English and everyday I surf internet for reading
resources. I came across your site today and it's wonderful.I don't know
what words I have to use to thank you.THANK YOU VERY MUCH.I hope that you
ould continue the good work.

Sort of keeps it real for us in the West ;)


Adrian B

Monday, September 03, 2007

Anim8or - Getting Started

Kids and adults love 3d animation but the price of modern 3d software prohibits us mere mortals from experimenting with it.

Whenever I run workshop, Anim8or (a free 3d program) is often the most popular piece. It allows you to manipulate 3d shapes to create your own environments and if you wish to get a little more techo you can make small snippets of animated film.

Here is a little character my 8 year old son knocked up with the program.

Today I've added a very rough 'Anim8or - QUICK START GUIDE' to my website to help you on your way to making the next Shrek, Happy Feet etc.



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