Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Prime Numbers - Math Help

In my classrooms I always have a 'Mathematics Wall' where I have all sorts of 'Maths Help' displayed - Definitions of terms, puzzles, problem solving approaches, interesting facts about Math concepts and heaps of other mathematical stuff.

Each year I tend to quickly write the information onto sheets of paper and blu-tac them up. This year I'm planning to make the posters look a bit more attractive and so here is the beginning of the new project 6 printable posters that cover some of the basics of prime numbers.

lf you find the resources useful feel free to email them to your friends.



Saturday, March 03, 2007

Graduation Poetry

Here is a poetry scaffold that you can use for the graduation ceremony of an elementary / primary school. Just take the poem and use it as a model and then ask the students to alter it to fit their school community. Add / Delete / Modify / find 'better' words / change the poetic devices etc, etc.

I'm thinking that this will save a heap of heartache as a poem like this can take ages to write from scratch.


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