Friday, December 28, 2007

A New Home

Over the last few months I've had people mention to me that my blog is blocked at their school.

It turns out that many education authorities block any blog with a Blogspot URL.

As a remedy I've set up my own Wordpress blog @

I think I've done all the techo stuff to bring my subscribers across to the new site (but I'm not really sure hehehe)

So do drop by the new blog to keep up to date with the teaching tools I discover and create.

Happy Holidays

Adrian Bruce

Big Changes @

Now that the hurly burly of the end of a school year is over I'm looking forward to some big career changes in 2008.

I've taken the big step of becoming a full time freelance Information and Communication Technology Integration Specialist. It is a little daunting but there are many opportunities presenting themselves esp a couple of overseas trips in the planning stages :)

In the meantime I'm working on some big changes at

The site has finally become too big for my local server so I've moved the whole thing to a server in the US. There are a few teething hassles, (I'm working on getting my forms working again hehehe) but I'm getting there as I learn the server side stuff.

All the best in 2008 to you all



Saturday, December 01, 2007

Picasso in the Classroom

I love exposing students to heaps of different types of Art and Picasso's work always generates heaps of discussion about what constitutes Art.

This afternoon my son and I were playing with MrPicassoHead, it is an excellent, free, quick, fun tool to use when exploring Picasso in the classroom.

Have fun with it.


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