Friday, December 28, 2007

Big Changes @

Now that the hurly burly of the end of a school year is over I'm looking forward to some big career changes in 2008.

I've taken the big step of becoming a full time freelance Information and Communication Technology Integration Specialist. It is a little daunting but there are many opportunities presenting themselves esp a couple of overseas trips in the planning stages :)

In the meantime I'm working on some big changes at

The site has finally become too big for my local server so I've moved the whole thing to a server in the US. There are a few teething hassles, (I'm working on getting my forms working again hehehe) but I'm getting there as I learn the server side stuff.

All the best in 2008 to you all




At December 28, 2007, Anonymous David Linke said...

Adrian, Good luck with your new career, it is a great challenge to more to a freelancing role. In the back of my mind I have that you are in Australia, is that correct? If so I would love to understand a little more of what you have planned. Drop me a not at david.linke at




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