Thursday, October 18, 2007


Dear World,

I once attended a lecture where a well known Australian psychologist, who occasionally appears on morning TV, outlined the questions he used to choose researchers to be part of his most recent project.

(I'm making it up now, but it was something like this)

1. Outline the plot of either Donnie Darko or The Matrix
2. What is the point value of (a particular card) in Pokemon?
3. What is your user name on either FaceBook or My Space?
4. Write 3 lines of Emo poetry that epitomize the angst of this particular sub-culture.

Mmmmmm, sort of narrows the field a bit hey, but why did he ask these questions of people who would hold such influential positions?

How in touch are`you' with the things that are paramount to the age group you interact with?

NB I've recently met up with nearly 200 kids I taught in my first 6 years of teaching and it has been nice hearing from them. ( I taught some of them in Kinder and now they are 23. Scary) It has also been an eye opener.



PS Facebook for me - Adrian Bruce with a chair and a little 3D character in my hand.


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