Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Keeping It is Perspective

In the last 7 days the site has had 52,653 page views. Given these numbers I sometimes have to be reminded myself that each of the resources downloaded has its own story.

Here are two such stories that came through today.


Your site is incredible.I'm a teacher of English as wel as a mother of
2 kids. Your site will be very useful to me. I found your site today I
loved it from the very moment I entered it.The most important thing is
it's free. Actually I can't afford to spend on resources as I'm not
that rich and don't have a credit card.I thank you very much and I hope
that you would continue your good work. May God Bless you.

& also from Sri Lanka

Dear Adrian,
I'm a teacher of English and everyday I surf internet for reading
resources. I came across your site today and it's wonderful.I don't know
what words I have to use to thank you.THANK YOU VERY MUCH.I hope that you
ould continue the good work.

Sort of keeps it real for us in the West ;)


Adrian B


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