Sunday, July 01, 2007

Greater Workflow

Last week I was interviewed for an Aussie podcast that I will let you all know about when it is closer to the time of release.

As per usual, when I do an interview it is not until later that I think about a few more answers to the questions.

One of the questions in the interview related to how I get such a huge body of work from children when I only get to see them once a week.

eg Shannon's Blog

One of the answers that I forgot to give was installing Firefox 2 into the computer lab has saved us heaps of time in 'conferencing' children's writing. The biggest advantage of Firefox 2 has to be the online spell check. The kids don't have to copy and paste from a word processing document, instead they can type straight into the browser.

Check Out Firefox 2 for Yourself

The students also love the tabbed browsing (Ctrl + T) and how fast it loads.





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