Saturday, June 09, 2007

What Lolly R U?

In my role as ICT Integration Guy, I get to work with some teachers who are truly 'switch on'.
This lady works in a school in Australia and is big time into thinking skills.

Here is my post to her class' blog on 'What Lolly are You?'

Teachers are sometimes told, 'Don't smile at a new class until Easter'. This has the effect that students often see their new teachers as cold hearted machines who want nothing but to inflict pain and suffering upon their students :)

So... just between you and me... (& don't you dare let my reputation slip) ;) I would be a Ferro Rocher chocolate served ice cold straight from the fridge but preferably even colder from the freezer.

Why? I hear you ask. Well... firstly you have to peel off the outer layer. This layer appears to be gold but in essence is only cheap tin foil. You are then confronted by a cold bumpy mass that is prickly to touch and would be a complete nightmare to try and swallow whole. :)

Once you get over your initial disgust, and you begin to devour my essence, you will savor for a lifetime the sweet sensations I offer you.
Then within seconds (which may seem like a lifetime for some) of experiencing my delights, you will find a centre that is warm, pleasant and leaves you wanting another one and then another and then another.

signed - The Dark One of Adria

PS ... and too much of me will make you really, really sick :)

Hint - Don't believe anything you could read on the Internet it's all lies & propaganda?



At June 20, 2007, Blogger dani said...

This is a great blog. I wish I had come by it in September before standing up in front of my classroom full of 13-15 yr old boys and trying to teach them Spanish all year. Well, there's always next year. I came across this blog when voting for the best education blog at the Blogger's Choice Awards website. You've been nominated and already have 76 votes. It's easy to add a "brag badge" so that more people can vore for you, well... seems easy enough:

Can't wait to teach the kids crazy anatomy vocab next fall... what a great idea!


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