Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Simon Says, 'Teach a Little Anatomy'

Funny how we expose children to the terminology of basic anatomy from an early age but we seem to leave off soon after, 'nose' and 'elbow'.

Here is a great little 'game' to foster positive attitudes to Science and teach some of the fantastic anatomical names for the various bits of our bodies. The lesson starts with a little research into where these bits of the body are :)

- gluteus maximus
- nasolabial fold
- clavicle
- scapular
- patella
- occipital lobe
- C1 through to C7
- sternum
- achilles tendon
- lunula
- incisors
- coccyx (kok-siks)

The kids have a great deal of fun doing this Simon Says Anatomy Activity and it only takes 5 minutes :)



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