Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blogging, easy html and embedded video

I've been experimenting with blogging on the classroom for about 5 months now and one of my biggest frustrations has been not being able to find a one stop shop for all things blogging. So I'm building it. Feel free to offer any input.

I use David Warlick's Classblogmeister as it has all the features I need but even finding a blog host took me a couple of nights of searching.

Anyway, today I put online my task that has the students explore the videos on TeacherTube and then 'embed' one into their blog. (Take me to the adding video to my blog tutorial)

I also refined a page that has a lot of simple html code that students can copy and paste directly into their articles so they don't have to learn coding. I've added the commands for linking to a webpage, linking to a webpage so it opens in a different window, bold, italics and a heap of different coloured text. (Take me to the timesaving html code) NB I intend putting a link on my student blogs so the kids can go straight to this page.

You can check out some of the videos that the kids put on their blogs at the Ace Kids Blog
or at the Aussie Emus Blog




At June 27, 2007, Anonymous Ed Warkentin said...

This might be a good place to look for "all things blogging", or to contribute to it.

At June 27, 2007, Anonymous Ed Warkentin said...

One more resource:
Have you looked at Warlick's wiki about blogging and podcasting?
It's accessible via the Documentation link when you're logged in to your blogmeister account.


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