Friday, November 24, 2006

Homework? - Homework :( - Homework :) !!!

Over the years I have been both praised and chastised for the homework tasks that I set. Recently I received an email from an ex-student (10 years later) who thanked me for being the one teacher that encouraged her to think. From this I've decided to put the many tasks that I have developed up on the Internet for people to choose to use if they deem them worthwhile and relevant to their student body.

The tasks are designed to have children and parents explore the world and foster thinking, research, questioning, attitudes to learning etc, etc. Here is a sneak peak at the very beginnings of the site.

It also needs to be noted that I have just started a cartooning course with my 7 year old son and the drawings are my initial experiments with my new Wacom tablet.




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