Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Zookoda-Free Online Email List Management

This email list management software is fantastic. These days my email list is up over 2 000 subscribers which is rather time consuming to manage by cutting and pasting from my email program. Not to mention the spam problems and people signing up their friends to my newsletter unbeknown to them.

Now I think I've found an excellent way to manage my email list. Zookoda. I was playing with it last weekend and think I've got it sorted. It is free and it has many features - the main ones I need are: that it verifies if you really want to receive email from my blog or website - it is customisable ie I can have it send out a bulk email each time I reach a certain number of new blog or website posts. Best of all are the anti-spam features. It includes all my contact details in each email and the option to unsubscribe at the bottom of each email. There is also an automatic way to report abuse in the system.


I'm thinking that for a lot of my readers who are literacy consultants, teachers, homeschoolers and parents who are not keen for the brave new world of rss. This is a great tool to help you keep in contact with whoever your audience are.



Oh yeah, you can subscribe to my webpage update newsletter here :)


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