Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Social Web and Learning Communities

How cool is it when a teacher in the United Kingdom (a very long way from the Northern Rivers of NSW Australia) likes your site so much that they decide to write a blog post on it :)

Adrian Bruce is an Australian teacher and his website has a truly unique collection of primary teaching resources! There's art ideas (and examples of work), maths games and resources (including a great section on symmetry), reading material (lots of phonics games and posters), science resources (check out the science scripts), a great page with links to free software you can use in the classroom and links to other material such as Adrian's wonderful photography, his class website and their podcasts. I've certainly not seen a collection of material quite like this anywhere else on the Internet and it's well worth checking out.

Especially when the blog itself links to soooooooooo many quality resources.

If you like my site... you'll love the classroom teaching resources available at




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