Sunday, October 08, 2006


Every year I have a huge focus on problem solving as a thinking skill and everyone asks for copies of the problems that I've used over the years. This problem is one of my favourites and is the first on the problem solving section of my website.

I usually use this puzzle on my first day with any class then do the 'goldfish bowl' thing where I sit back and watch how they attack it. Some students get focused and manipulate the pieces and think. Some will stare at it and try and visualise a solution. Some will whinge that it is too hard. Some will ask you to show them how to do it in a horrible voice. Some do all of these things in about 2 minutes but the thing that is really nice is to see the look on their faces as they achieve the 'a-ha' feeling.

Feel free to download this puzzle give it out then try and solve it with the kids. Demonstrate being a life long learner :)



BTW this is a great activity if you are a casual teacher.


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