Thursday, September 28, 2006

4 Next 2 the Photocopier

Recently I received an email from a student that I taught more years ago than I care to remember. The one thing she really felt the need to tell me was that of all her teachers I was the one who taught her to think. What a complement... mind you she also mentioned that I was rather 'special' hehehehe

The email from Alana promted me to get busy and make this poster. It means that the next time a staff member is photocopying a heap of worksheets from a text book you can make sure that this poster is hanging close to the photocopier so they can reflect on their teaching while they wait for their worksheets to appear.

Download this poster here




At September 30, 2006, Anonymous bub said...

I'm going to put a copy in ALL the teachers pigeon holes. I teach a multiage class and love it and always have my semester photocopying in the low 100's - compared to the next lowest 787 - still good I think (the top was around 5000+. I also HATE the annual conversations about TEXT BOOKS. The only text book I use is a handwriting text as a follow up to my lesson.


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