Friday, September 29, 2006

A Mind Map on Mind Mapping

As part of the workshops I run with teachers we have a focus on mind mapping skills and software then we explore possible integration ideas for it in the classroom.

On my website I've made a page on mindmapping using a piece of software called CMap. The program is a free download and it is a powerful tool considering that it is freeware. It's one limitation is that it doesn't support picture files in a way that allows you to make a visual verbal mind map. As a work-around for this problem I teach people how to export their map as a graphic and insert it into Word. I then use the Microsoft Clip Gallery to download images to the mind map.

Here is a mind map on the conventions of mind mapping that I made recently :) You can download the whole mind map from my site here
and hand it out to your students, teachers and anyone else that might need it.




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