Friday, October 20, 2006

Educational Newsletters

In my first year of teaching I remember thinking that a lot of the work that I was doing had already been done by teachers before ie I was just replicating work. Doesn't seem that a whole lot has really changed :) I remember back then thinking that there had to be a better way.

Now with the advent of the Internet I can simply place online the resources I've made that I know work. This way people all over the world can use my stuff and Literacy Consultants like Kimberly in the US can just send out a link to my site in her newsletter rather than having to organise people to make the resources. This technology is amazing!

Here is part of her newsletter...

Hi Teachers, Here are your weekly web sites: - This is a great site with printable games and phonics posters for teaching phonics and phonemic awareness. I e-mailed the owner of this site (an Australian teacher) and he e-mailed back to say thank you. I thought that was pretty neat.

Kimberly S
Literacy Facilitator

Thanks Kimberly. I hope your teachers and students like the work :) Adrian


At October 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, that is so awesome! My principals are going to absolutely love this. Thank you for mentioning me and thank you for creating this site. I look forward to sharing more of your work with my colleagues. Keep up the great work!

Kimberly, Literacy Facilitator
Charlotte, North Carolina USA


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