Monday, December 11, 2006

Personality Tests for Students

At the beginning of this year I had several classes (Yr6, Yr9 and Yr10) explore and experiment with this Jungian / Myers Briggs type personality test. They were instructed to do the test in silence and answer the questions as truthfully as possible. The children then had to record their personality profile and use the Internet to find out a bit about their profile. The children had a heap of fun with it and I then had them mind map their thoughts on the test using the software Cmap.

Include: Your name, your 4 letter profile, 5 things that you thought were true, anything that you thought was untrue, anything that if you really, really, really think about you know in your heart is true, who is your perfect workmate (find and name them)? and the one they liked the most... what famous person do you have the same personality type as? (We Googled 'famous ****') Opinion - How accurate do you feel this test is for you?

I then asked them to take the results of this test home and talk about the findings with their paren
The funny thing was that a lot of the students told their parents to do the test so they all knew a little bit more about each other.

Heaps of fun and discussion was had.

I then shared my results with the kids and invited them to share their results with their friends if they wanted to. I was surprised to find that they all were willing to.




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