Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cartooning on the Computer

Whilst not meaning to be political, I'm a feeling a slight need to vent a tad today :)

According to the feasibility study that our beloved democratically elected leader commissioned. It has been found that nuclear energy is a viable alternative to fossil fuels here in Oz and that we could be producing weapons grade plutonium within 15 years.

Sorry Mr H... but any fuel that leaves a radioactive legacy for the next 10 000 years or so is immoral & should not even be considered as an option. Yep. Immoral!

Get nuclear off the agenda! Start funding alternative energy research big time! Then get on with the real issues of social justice and a 'fair go' for ALL your citizens.

Oh, & on the software front the cartoon was done with a piece of open source software called Inkscape with a bit of colour in Photoshop but could have easily been done in Gimp Shop if I got off my butt and learnt something new :)




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