Monday, February 05, 2007

The Top 30 Educational Blogs?

While reading a few educational blogs the other night I came across a list of 30 top Educational Blogs over at Dangerously Irrelevant . To make things easier for those not familiar with the ease and joy of RSS feeds I've just finished loading nearly all the blogs (there were a few feed hassles) into my Pageflakes RSS Reader for all to share.

I have Pageflakes set up as one of my homepages when Firefox starts as you can have 'the whole web at your fingertips'.

I also find that when doing professional development with teachers Pageflakes is a good intro into RSS.



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At February 06, 2007, Anonymous Scott McLeod said...

Adrian, this is a cool idea. Thanks for doing this. I have a feeling you're going to have to change this somewhat when I come out with the new list in April!


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