Monday, January 29, 2007

Blogging With Class - Initial Steps Into Blogging With Students

Tonight I have taken the first steps in setting up a classroom blog for a teacher in a school that I work with. After a bit of looking around we have decided that our initial steps into the Blogosphere will be done with David Warlick's Class Blogmeister.

The main reason for choosing this hosting site is that it is maintained by an educator who really knows his stuff (check out David's Blog & Podcast if you don't believe me) and a great interface for screening student posts and any comments before they 'go live'

Mrs S and I are looking forward to a very steep learning curve over the next Aussie term so do pop by from time to time to see what the students have been up to.

If you are asking yourself 'What's a Blog?' then follow the link and let the Ace Kids show you.

If you are wondering about the rather 'out there' Australian names, I've run the students names through an anagram generator to generate interesting pseudonyms.


Adrian Bruce
(Cured in a Bar) hehehehe


At January 30, 2007, Blogger David Warlick said...


I'm very happy to be helping with your blogging adventures. I've been involved in educational technology for 25 years, but I can't put it any better than Mark Ahlness:

"In fifteen years of teaching, I have never seen anything come along even CLOSE to motivating students to write - like blogging does."

By the way, using that anagram generator is brilliant!

-- dave --


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