Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Quest for the Ultimate Paper Plane

Here's yet another one of those great activities that has all sorts of learning outcomes. It is research, following procedural texts, defining and manipulation of scientific variables, it has kids notice that they can choose to move out of their comfort zone. ie If you ask a child to fold a paper plane they will usually fold it the same way they have always folded it.

This paper plane activity encourages students to actively investigate flight. They also have a heap of fun testing the models :)




At February 03, 2007, Anonymous Paul Reid said...

Hi Adrian, I agree - paper plane making has all sorts of potential learning outcomes and is fun too.

I challenged some Year 4 students to make this paper plane: http://www.zurqui.co.cr/crinfocus/paper/air-bld1.html
The Google video is helpful in the process.

With a webpage title like "How to build the best paper airplane in the world" the awarding of this title may prompt some critical thinking about webpage too.


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