Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Best 10 Binary Jokes I Know

Hi All,

I've been busy today making a comic in Second Life of the best 10 binary joke I know ;)

I just wanted to put together some easy resources for teachers who have to expose their students to alternative base number systems. It really is easy and I've put in a couple of fun comic strips and an online game that will help.

NB I've put the punchline on my website to build the suspense, or if you are new to this area of Math Syllabuses, for an explanation of the humour.

Go on, get in touch with your 'inner geek'.

If anyone wants to use the comic with their kids feel free. If you know any more binary jokes or worthwhile Base 2 resources feel free to send them through :)


Adrian Bruce
The... still coming third in the Best Educational Blog Blogger's Choice Awards


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