Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Free Reading Games & Word Activities

Super Bill has been at it again and has sent me a collection of his word and reading games. There are 8 games in this collection. The games aid in the teaching of CVCs, syllabification, digraphs and 'chunking'.

'Chunking' is the breaking down of words into smaller recognisable parts. It is just one strategy you can teach emerging readers as part of their collection of word attack strategies.

For those who have seen a few of these games... 'Game 8' is brand new.

Hope you enjoy the games.


NB If you found some resources that you can use or hand on to parents, teachers or students, feel free to cast a vote my way for the 'Best Educational Blog' at the Bloggers' Choice Awards. I see I'm coming equal 6th tonight. Let's see if we can raise it a little :)

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