Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Digital Photo Editing Software - Free & Great For Classroom Use

I've been playing with digital photo editing software with students for nearly 10 years now. I started out in early Photoshop then moved to early versions of Serif Photoplus. Once my machines became fast enough I then adopted The Gimp as my software of choice with the kids. In the last few months I have headed to Paint.Net and it has become my photo editing software of choice with students. is free so if children like it, they can download it at home for free and can continue to experiment at home ie everyone has equal access and cost is not an issue.

I've added a few tips and tricks to my website tonight and I hope to get up some procedures on how to take 'screen dumps' (very useful for blogging) and how to get an image ready for a blog tomorrow night.

Check out my 'Tips and Tricks' here.


Adrian B
NB I see that a preacher has mobilised his followers and has moved way out in front of the Best Education Blog. Mmmmmmmm Adrian and Education Vs God Vs Home Schooling Mums :) I love democracy hehehehe

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